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BLACKTOPIA is an independent 100% black owned business.


BLACKTOPIA was created to ERADICATE and PREVENT the pervasive COLORISM that exists throughout the United States and around the world.

COLORISM is the practice of favoring lighter skin over darker skin by using prejudice and or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone.

BLACKTOPIA is the realization that everyone in the world is connected and will be positively affected by embracing the importance of BLACK LOVE, BLACK EQUITY and BLACK BEAUTY.

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Narrated by Chris Lora

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"BLACKTOPIA to me means that each BLACK person strives to create the positive changes, images, messages, entertainment, and experiences that we all want to see in the world for BLACK people everyday, all the time. I am continuously inspired by all of the wonderful people in the world who help to make positive contributions in BLACK communities everyday."

Thank you all for your love and support.   

Audra, Chief Executive Officer