About Us- Media & News

BLACKTOPIA is an independent T-shirt company based in New York City that focuses on bringing positive BLACK messages to the masses, with the purpose of promoting the BEAUTY of BLACKNESS.

BLACKTOPIA is an artistic expression for the LOVE of everything BLACK.

BLACKTOPIA is a realization that everyone in the world is connected and affected by embracing the importance of BLACK EQUITY.


   I am a BLACK woman living in New York City. A few years ago I was having some passionate, candid and oftentimes uncomfortable conversations with friends and family about being BLACK in America. As I was walking back home I started thinking about what real change would look like. What would be the result of a major societal turnaround, a long steadfast change in all systems about what it means to be BLACK in America and the rest of the world?

Then BLACKTOPIA popped into my head. The first thing I did was Google it to see what the results would be. I just could not believe how misunderstood this term was. A word that, in reality, defines that the Essence of everything BLACK is Perfect!

I felt like I had an epiphany, an ah-ha moment. I was thinking about all of the things I could write, create, and design. This T-shirt line is my first step in bringing to life the positive messages of change that I would like to see in the world.

Now everyone can Think, Believe, and Appreciate BLACKTOPIA.