About Us

I created BLACKTOPIA to help ERADICATE and PREVENT the pervasive COLORISM that exists throughout the United States and around the world. Colorism is the practice of favoring lighter skin over darker skin by using prejudice and or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone. Colorism and Racism are interconnected. The reality of being black or having darker skin tones should be celebrated, cherished, valued and appreciated everywhere by everyone. All shades, pigments, and colors of skin were divinely created equal and should be treated as such.

I believe in my brand and in the work the world is currently doing to reach a place where racism, prejudice, and discrimination will cease to exist. I believe that if we ENVISION the type of world we want to live in and CREATE the changes that we want to see then that is what the world will become. I strive to be a part of that CHANGE and with this brand I am excited to have so many opportunities to create artistic expressions that are in my mind, heart and spirit. I am blessed to have family, friends, 158K Magic, and other numerous supporters who believe in my dream and vision. Thank you, I appreciate you and your loving on me.

My goal is that everyone around the world who purchases, enjoys and wears my products feels BLACKNIFICENT each and every time they step out with them on.